Cane Corso breeding is highly recommended for those who love guard dogs. This breed is part of the family of the giant Roman molosses used mainly for hunting, as a pet and as a farm guard. It was the Italians who brought it back to life, in 1979, after a time when it was thought to have been lost forever. And since these last years, this race becomes very appreciated and very requested by the professional breeders. This article will serve as a reference and/or practical guide for its breeding.

Profile of a good Cane Corso dog

There are some key points that characterize the cane corso dog breed compared to its potential counterparts. Generally speaking, the cane corso breed is robust, muscular, athletic, sociable, clean, since it does not drool much, and can adapt to different climates. Physically, it is recognizable by its short hair, a body of various colors (slate, brindle, deer fawn, light fawn, dark fawn, lead gray or black), a head arched and wide, a wide and deep muzzle, triangular ears of variable color (white or chestnut or spotted), eyes of medium resolution and a tail rather large and tapered. The life expectancy of the cane corso can reach about twenty years. On the physiognomy side, it is sociable to its surroundings (human or other pet) and is hostile with strangers. It is also of nature barking to good effect, affectionate, calm, hunter, independent, intelligent, obedient and protective. On the other hand, the size and weight differ according to the sex. A Cane Corso can measure a maximum of 64 centimeters and weighs 45 kilograms. On the other hand, a Cane Corso measures 68 centimeters and weighs a maximum of 50 kilograms. Finally, the purchase price of such a breed is not as exaggerated as those of its competitor.

Advantages of breeding

First of all, your dog is easy to care for (by yourself or by a third party trainer) and has a lower annual maintenance cost. Secondly, it is a robust, athletic, sociable, intelligent breed, and rarely shows signs of illness. However, it is better to offer him regular maintenance and to consult his veterinarian regularly to prevent the risk of coxo-femoral dysplasia. On the price side, it should not be worth in general more than 1500 euros. Then, it is a real companion of the man and to invest in this race constitutes a sure value. Finally, it does not engage much budget to raise it well.

Advice to raise it well

In general, it needs a better trainer, better hygiene conditions, better food and better accessories. As far as food is concerned, the daily ration adapted to the cane corso breed should not exceed 700 grams of good quality industrial kibble. It's best to feed it twice a day in a bowl that's suitable for the dog's muzzle to avoid the risk of stomach torsion, and to moderate the diet according to the dog's weight and regular energy expenditure. For more advice in terms of necessary accessories or complementary food for cane corso dogs, it is highly recommended to become a member of the cane corso club and share the different tips to raise him properly. For his education, the Cane Corso, even a little stubborn, is not so difficult to train. You just have to take the time to teach him the right reflexes and manners to adapt well to his master and his surroundings. However, it is necessary to be confident, rigorous and less severe. Otherwise, it would be better to entrust this task to an expert trainer to be sure. On the hygiene and health side, he needs a large space to shelter, more space for his physical exercises, several canine exercises...