There are many brands of dog food on the market. So, it is not always easy to know which ones to choose, for the well-being of your pet. In this article, discover our advices to make the best possible choice.

The composition of dog food

The first essential element that you must observe when choosing dog food is its composition. Indeed, in order to be healthy, your pet has nutritional needs, especially regarding proteins and minerals, as explained on this site. As a general rule, your dog's dry food should contain at least 25% protein (such as meat) and a controlled ash content, ideally below 12%.

Grain-free dog food

For the past few years, grain-free food has been a big trend. Originally, dogs were not really made to eat this type of food, which is nevertheless found in the vast majority of dog food on the market. That being said, canines have developed enzymes such as starch, which allow them to digest them properly. You can opt for grain-free dog food, but if the recipe contains a small amount of grain, this is also a good solution. The Hector Kitchen website offers this.

Tailor-made dog food

Depending on his age, his breed and his health, your dog has different needs than another. That's why it can be interesting to find a recipe for customized dog food, such as those offered by Hector Kitchen. Thus, the ingredients are dosed according to his daily nutritional needs and his activity, whether he is a puppy, a senior dog, an overweight dog, a very active dog... Learn more on this blog.