Finding an SPA or a Society for the Protection of Animals is an important step for those who wish to adopt an animal. In fact, it is the guarantee of the health and safety of animals tamed by humans. Here are some methods to find an SPA near you.

Usefulness of the SPA

The SPA plays a key role in the life of an animal. Not only does it take care of animals abandoned by their owners, but it also takes care of stray, sick, or abused pets. This public organization is also the most convenient way to find a suitable pet when you want to adopt an animal. Since safety, health and education have been taken care of by the SPA, finding one seems to be the best alternative. In addition, it houses a wide variety of pets, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, sheep, etc., so you will have a wide choice of which one you like the most. Besides, going through the SPA to adopt an animal is another way to take care of animals that have gone through difficult times and are in need of attention and love. In short, it is like a good gesture towards nature.

SPA and private shelter

The SPA and the private shelter work in much the same way. First of all, their objective is the same, i.e. to give a temporary shelter where the animals will be treated, in case of illness, pampered, in case of mistreatment, etc. The difference lies in the funding they receive and the number of animals they shelter. The SPA, for example, is partially funded by the state even though it cares for a large number of animals. Complementary services such as the dispensaries are run on donations. Moreover, it is these donations that allow the SPA to ensure the treatment of an animal when the owner does not have the necessary means. As for the private shelters, they very rarely receive aid from the State and function thanks to private funds offered by individuals also called benefactors. Compared to the SPA, this type of animal shelter has relatively fewer pets. Generally, they place animals temporarily with foster families until they are adopted for good.

How do I find an animal shelter?

There are several ways to find an animal shelter near you. The easiest and most practical method is to visit the official website of the SPA, especially in the shelter section, to ask for the necessary information and to geolocate yourself according to the addresses provided. In France, for example, there are a total of 62 shelters and SPA houses. This approach will allow you to learn about the necessary modalities for an adoption without having to move. You can also find the pet you want after an online search.