Today, it is common to see dogs and cats that suffer from obesity. The first factor is a diet that is not adapted to the animal or a lack of exercise. Indeed, many pets live in urban areas and their owners do not always ensure that their diet is adapted to their lifestyle.

Reviewing the pet's diet

According to a study, it is estimated that one out of two adult dogs is overweight and that many owners are not aware of the problem and consider that their dog or cat is simply a little fat. However, it is important to distinguish between overweight and obesity (above 15 to 20% of the ideal weight, it is called overweight and above that obesity). Being overweight can lead to heart and respiratory problems, and even diabetes, in addition to the unsightly appearance and discomfort of a dog or cat that is too fat. The first lever of action is generally dietary and consists in reducing the food and controlling the animal's diet. Indeed, eliminating small extras during the day and choosing a low-fat food often helps to overcome an overweight problem.

Putting a diet plan in place

If your cat or dog is overweight, you may want to ask your veterinarian for advice on setting up a diet plan with realistic intermediate goals if the pet is really fat. Many pets live in urban areas, are neutered or lack exercise, factors that increase the risk of overweight. It is important to ensure that in a weight loss diet the dog or cat does not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies. A good solution is to weigh the amount of food against the animal's dietary needs according to its weight (if necessary, ask your veterinarian for advice). Opt for foods that are lower in fat and energy and include steamed or boiled vegetables (carrots, zucchini). Most dogs and cats enjoy 0% fat cottage cheese instead of industrial treats.

Choosing the best food for weight loss

Revisiting the diet of an overweight dog or cat requires a rigorous selection of food, avoiding fatty meats and starchy foods. It is advisable to give preference to fresh meals rather than dry food if they are not light. You can also divide the daily ration into several small meals, especially for cats who naturally eat several times a day. Remember that a dog or cat should get as much exercise as possible every day. Walking the dog is a healthy activity for both the owner and the animal.