Published on : 23 July 20213 min reading time

Stars and celebrities were the first to popularize matching outfits for the owner and pets. Since then, having an identical or matching outfit with your dog has become a trend. Find out how to match your outfit with your dog’s for the perfect look.

Warm weather outfits

When it’s hot, you need to know how to choose the type of fabric, its thickness and its cut at the same time. This will allow you and your dog to feel perfectly comfortable in the matching outfit. Opting for a fairly lightweight outfit such as T-shirts or jerseys is the best thing to do. Light colors that reflect heat are also best to avoid getting too hot and then feeling uncomfortable in your outfit. For more originality, it is also possible to customize the patterns. Some people even opt for small reciprocal messages in order to draw all the attention on them. Others use patterned outfits that feature both the owner and the dog at the same time to showcase the bond between them.

Cold weather outfits

Opting for an outfit that matches your dog’s during the cold season is a good way to protect your dog from the cold and related illnesses. Typically, owners choose large sweaters or heavy jackets to match their dog’s outfit. However, if you make the wrong choice, your dog may not be comfortable and subsequently become stressed by the outfit. Thus, it is essential to choose the right size so that the outfit is not too bulky. If your dog is used to being dressed up, you can add some accessories like a cap, a hat or the hat of your choice. For added warmth, you can add a muffler or scarf to match the outfit.

Matching pajamas

For some time now, matching pajamas have been in vogue on social networks. This original outfit for a dog and his owner is very popular especially in winter in many countries of the world. Not only are matching pajamas cute, but they also help both the dog and the owner to keep warm during the cold seasons of the year. To adopt a successful style of matching pajamas, it is essential to know how to choose the right color, fabric and patterns of the outfit. Indeed, all these parameters must suit both the owner and the dog. To do this, you need to find a color and patterns that suit you and the dog at the same time. It is advisable to choose neutral colors to find the perfect match. As for the choice of fabric, it is important to choose a fabric that warms well, and that offers the possibility of suitable movement.