Currently, there are many breeds of dogs that differ from each other through their characteristics and morphology. Therefore, some people want to adopt a dog that they will integrate into the family. Which breed to choose? Which one to adopt? In this article, you will have more information about the dogs of each breed.

German Shepherd or Alsatian Shepherd

The German Shepherd is ranked among the most popular breeds. This breed can be recognized by its physical appearance. It originated in Germany, sometimes called the Alsatian Shepherd. The German Shepherd is a cross between the Württemberg and Thuringian Shepherds. They became official in the early 1898s. It is known for its large size which is almost above average, very muscular and vigorous. The Shepherd reflects beauty because he is always happy and often likes to play. He is easy to train. Thus, everyone can adopt it because it is capable of being a guard dog, rescue and defense. It can also accompany and guide blind people.

Samoyed or Samoiedskaïa Sabaka

Particularly appreciated for its attractive hair and its smile, this dog is a great success. The Samoyed appeared in Russia, more precisely in the great north of Siberia, among the Samoyed tribe. It is the combination of the "wolf type" and the "bear type" which are types of dogs coming from Samoyed. It is a dog that has a lot of tenderness and gentleness but it is independent like all other Nordic breeds. It is used as a sled dog because it is intelligent. He barks often and loves children. He has a life expectancy of 12 years.

Porcelain or Franche-Comté dog

The Porcelaine is a French type dog breed that is famous for its soft and dazzling eyes. It comes from France at the time of the French revolution. It is the oldest among the other French type dogs. It is unique in its kind because of its color sometimes spotted with orange which is of rounded shape. Of medium size, its weight varies according to the food it eats. The Porcelain is a good hunter whose ability is related to its sense of smell which is excellent. Although it is a hunter, it is also a sportsman who has a lot of energy and is active and dynamic.