It's not very difficult to train a French bulldog, because he is really smart. But you have to be careful with him, because he is a stubborn dog also when you test him out of the limits. In order for him to have a good behavior, it is necessary to teach him to socialize well and to correct some small defects.

Make training easier

As long as you are firm and consistent, the French Bulldog is easy to train. This little mogul is used to being stubborn with a strong hand in a velvet glove. For owners, it is this behavioral trait of the French bulldog that they find most difficult and must be overcome to achieve their goals. Nowadays, novices are allowed to train the French Bulldog. Besides positive reinforcement and firmness, the training method should be well adapted to the character and behavior of the dog. A dog that is easily excitable or a little short-tempered will not have the same training. The training of a French bulldog must be done with tenderness and softness. For more information about training your dog, you can click on

What makes him special

If the bulldog is in a good mood, he is capable of obeying you, however, his unique character and personality is a bit difficult to resist. In fact, he is a very impressionable dog and quickly improves a delicate affection for his owner. Separation is not really his taste, so this is his weak point. When he doesn't see his master in a long period of time, he becomes nervous. Compared to other pets, he has the feeling of jealousy, even if someone wants to approach his owner. However, a good dose of patience, a lot of firmness and a good education allows the masters to teach the small to carry out the orders. The French bulldog is perfect to be a pet with its very dynamic character. Apart from being a constant watchdog, it can also be a good player, and that's why it can play with your children. In addition, since this dog does not require much physical effort, the elderly are perfectly suited. The French Bulldog is a perfect example for other dogs.

Training well

The training of the French bulldog should start as early as possible, so that it can learn the right behaviors. As soon as the puppy is two months old, training can begin and continue throughout its life. However, there are general trainings that should not be neglected. Cleanliness, the owner must learn the place where he must do his business. This is important and is sometimes acquired very quickly. The good behaviors: the French bulldog must be well educated and manage their behavior well, especially, when his master is not there. It is really important to train him and to get him used to be alone. The basic commands: At the beginning, a gesture can be associated with the word to deepen the education. In addition, the bulldog also needs to know the difference between the words "stop" or "no". To win his heart, playing with him is also ideal to reinforce the training in a playful way. Games like ball or Frisbee are most often recommended to teach him to respond to commands. Indeed, the training of the French bulldog must be done with benevolence, firmness and constancy. So that he does not take the defective habit, each bad behavior must be rectified and underlined. Like other dogs, he is sensitive to rewards and congratulations.