Pets (bird, dog, cat, etc.) can transmit many diseases (salmonellosis, rabies, toxoplasmosis, etc.), allergic reactions and parasites. Saliva, hair, bites, etc. remain the vectors of this transmission. It becomes essential to respect certain rules of hygiene and safety with its animals. Some precautions should be taken into account to keep your pet clean and healthy.

Keeping your dog clean

To keep your pet dog healthy, vaccinations and various treatments are not enough. Cleaning my dog is the first rule of hygiene to keep your dog clean. However, your dog should not be bathed too regularly, as this can cause itching or irritation. The number of baths varies depending on many factors (breed, size, coat, etc.). Bathing can be upsetting to your dog. It should be done gently and tenderly. To clean your dog, it is really necessary to brush his coat before and after the bath, to use lukewarm water for washing and rinsing, to dry his coat well with a towel after his bath. Make sure that your dog's ears, eyes and mouth are not soaked with soap or water.

Maintaining the hygiene of his house and its accessories

Maintaining the hygiene of a dog house is very important to have a healthy environment. It ensures the well-being of your dog so that it doesn't get sick. Clean your dog's house and accessories regularly once a month. A special case for winter and autumn, it is necessary to carry out the cleaning every two weeks, because bacteria proliferate quickly in wet environment. It seems necessary to get rid of parasites by using disinfectants such as cresyl and also to clean the outside of the kennel.

Some hygiene and safety rules to respect

In order to minimize the risks, it is enough to respect the rules of hygiene for your goods and your company. Do not confuse the cleaning equipment of the house and your dog. Do not use your plate to feed your dog and clean the areas accessible to your dog every day. You should limit your dog's access to your bedrooms and kitchen, as they can carry pathogens. Scratches or bites from pets can have serious consequences. If you are attacked by these animals, the wound must be disinfected with an antiseptic. A simple gesture of hygiene is essential to keep your dog clean and healthy. It will also be better for your well-being and your health.