With the progression of technology, pet trackers are also evolving. More efficient devices are being designed. The novelties concern not only their functionalities, but also their designs. They become more practical to ensure the monitoring, the safety of animals. They facilitate the search in case of loss.

Trackers for real time location of animals

The tracker, through its innovations in terms of GPS signal for animals, becomes more and more important. Through the antenna of higher sensitivity, the accuracy of the location is unlimited. It is possible to watch or find animals even in very remote places like in the forest. The movement tracker is a novelty in animal trackers. It provides real-time information on the movement of animals. It informs about the route of the animals within two seconds. It records the exact position of the animals in real time. Movement histories are also available at any time. The speed at which the animals move remains known. It is no longer difficult to find the animals if they get lost.

Trackers for animal escape alerts

The performance of animal trackers is constantly improving, especially in terms of efficiency. The trackers have a ringing function. It sounds to be able to locate animals. Map, radar and compass modes are currently available. They indicate easily and quickly the location of animals. In addition, by the vibrating function, it allows to make return the animals if they prove to be far. Moreover, the telephone function, through the SIM inserted in the tracker, makes the communication with the animals practical and easy at any time. Moreover, through the geo-fence function, delimitations of the zones become possible to assure the security of the animals. It warns, through messages, about the location of the animals when they cross the predetermined distances. Moreover, a training mode by electrostimulation, beep or vibration allows to train the animals at a distance.

More resistant trackers for animals

Discreet collars are currently available with a camouflage design. They are light but also compact. They cannot be lost easily. In addition, the innovation in terms of trackers for animals comes down to its resistance to water. Perfectly waterproof and flexible devices exist. Indeed, even if the animals are under the rain, in the water, the river or the sea, the location remains assured. Moreover, the batteries of the devices are removable and last a very long time. The improved performance and functionality of the waterproof animal trackers make these devices even more efficient and practical. The advancement concerns especially the geo-fence function that alerts in case the animals exceed a delimitation zone. The location becomes more precise. The communication and remote training function is also very innovative.