Published on : 23 July 20213 min reading time

You have found your favorite dog and you are going to adopt him. Before you welcome him, you must obviously set up a space in your home and allocate a small corner to your companion. Here are a few ideas to create a comfortable and cozy place for him.

A cozy nest to rest and take shelter

The cozy nest must be adapted to your dog. It should be placed in a quiet and secure area. Your dog may be unsettled by the noise and commotion of the house. Your dog’s resting place must be isolated, warm and equipped with a cozy cocoon to make it comfortable and calm. The dog bed is essential, because it is a very important object for your dog. The choice of bedding depends on the size of the animal. It is best to place it in the corner, away from drafts and frequent movement of the family member. To make the shelter comfortable, don’t hesitate to put a soft blanket, a comfortable basket, various toys, etc. The sleeping area can also be placed directly in the apartment to save space.

An exact size shelter

Providing an exact size shelter for your pet dog is helpful in making him feel comfortable in your home. This shelter will be respected by all family members. Add a small margin of 15 cm to its size so that your dog can move freely. The location of the basket will be in a corner or at the end of the hallway to provide peace and quiet for you and your companion.

The presence of this shelter provides you with more freedom to avoid hair throughout the house. It also makes it easier to store his toys and ensures his safety if you go out without him.

Other useful tips for the good of your companion

The dog should have his own bowl. This should be placed in a quiet, unobtrusive spot so he can eat his meals. Don’t forget to offer him a large cup of fresh, clean water. It is important to note that you should not play with him during his meal. You should also teach him to relieve himself outside from a young age, either on walks or in the garden. The location of its house and its plates must be fixed. A change of place risks upsetting him and making him lose his reference point. One of the essential points to remember for the comfort of your dog is the respect of hygiene.

Thus, your pet needs a personal space, care and particular attention so that it can be perfectly fulfilled and quiet.