Walking on the beach is a real pleasure for most dogs. Indeed, our four-legged friends generally love to have fun on the beach, rolling in the sand or diving into the water. But not all beaches are allowed to dogs, especially during the vacation season, so it's important to find out beforehand.

Taking your dog to the beach

The beach and the water make dogs very happy, but for this kind of outing, some precautions are necessary. Not all beaches allow dogs, even if they are on a leash. To avoid problems, it is advisable to consult the list of beaches that allow your four-legged friend to walk and swim legally. In fact, most cities along the coast regulate beach access for dogs and these regulations may vary depending on the time of year. For example, from mid-March until the end of October, many beaches are forbidden to dogs between 9 am and 9 pm. It should be noted that there are many private yacht clubs that allow dogs throughout the year. Therefore, if you want to go to the beach with your dog, it is important to find out about the regulations in advance before choosing your resort.

Special conditions

The regulations concerning dogs and the beach are particular. On many beaches, the presence of dogs is tolerated but the animals must be kept on a leash and must not wander in the surrounding dunes, walking paths or in public areas. In general, whether in a resort or not, dogs are not allowed in parks and playgrounds. Walking a dog that falls into the category of guard dog or attack dog, obliges its owner to put a muzzle on his animal. Please note that failure to comply with any of these rules, for example, the dog's wandering on the beach or the failure to pick up after the animal, makes the owner liable to a fine of up to 250 euros depending on the municipality.

Practical advice for taking your dog to the beach

If you have a dog, you probably know that most breeds of dogs love to run on the beach, roll in the sand or swim in the water. However, you should know that some dogs do not like water (especially small breeds of dogs) and some are not comfortable in water at all.) The beach and the sun can also be a source of problems like overexposure to the sun or heat stroke. It is important to give your dog a drink regularly and to rinse him after his sea bath.