Having a pet dog

Having a pet dog
Health care diet

Discover the diet adapted to your companion according to its characteristics.

Grooming your dog

Grooming your dog is the key to his daily well-being, visit petsinformation.org for more details.

Taking care of of your dog

Give your dog the care and comfort it needs.

Insuring my dog
Welcoming a puppy

Offer your pet a balanced diet adapted to its age.

Properly educating your dog shapes its behavior and habits.

Dog’s health

A sick dog needs special care to stay healthy.

Dog’s well-being

Your dog should also benefit from a minimum of beauty and well-being services.

Discover dog soccer

Treibball or dog soccer is a sport activity dedicated to dogs. This dog sport originated in Germany and has been played competitively for a few years. It can be qualified as an interesting play activity for dogs.

Clicker training

The clicker is a kind of marker. It allows the pet to have a great precision when it is activated at a specific moment. Thanks to this, the dog adopts the desired behavior.

Practicing a sport activity with your dog has a double advantage, both for the master and for the dog. Among the possible options, there is agility, rhythmic obedience, disc dog and cani-cross.

The dog must have a minimum of comfort to live serenely. Giving him the benefits he deserves allows the pet to receive the empathy of his master. This includes health, well-being, training, awareness and play.


The first aid kit for dogs includes several accessories, including a bandage, a compress, a plaster…

To be allowed to travel in all EU countries your dog will need a passport.


A dog-sitter or nanny for dogs provides full or part-time care for your pet.

All the products of daily well-being for dogs : Dog accessories

Dog toys : Ball pitcher, ropes, plush, pool, kong…

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